What should be paid attention to in the design and production of peach skin fabric


The peach skin fabric is a novel fabric made of ultra-f […]

The peach skin fabric is a novel fabric made of ultra-fine synthetic fiber, which is woven, printed and specially processed (such as alkali reduction, sanding, sand washing, etc.).

Its main features are: in the appearance of the fabric surface, such as peach skin, fine, uniform and dense hair, this furry seems invisible but touched, in the light of multiple diffuse, very soft.

It looks like peach peach in the hand, soft, full, delicate, lubricious and elastic.

What is the peach skin fabric? What should be paid attention to in the design and production of peach skin fabric?

The design and production of jeanette fabrics should pay attention to the following problems:

1.raw material selection

The raw material of the peach skin fabric must be fine denier synthetic fiber. The fiber has the following characteristics: the bending rigidity is small, the fiber has a soft hand feeling, and the drapability of the fabric is good after forming. Due to the thin single fiber, the single fiber has low absolute strength, which is beneficial to the grinding process and is suitable for the production of peach skin fabric.

2.fabric organization

The plain weave fabric is fine, soft and elastic, and it is easy to expose the intersection when grinding. However, as long as the density is designed to be larger, it can be made into a high-grade and fine product.

Because the warp and weft are not flat, the twill fabric has a certain oblique tendency. After the sanding, it is easy to produce reflection, and the gloss has a reverse direction. As long as the consistency of the gloss effect is used, the effect of use will not be affected.

Because of the long floating length, the satin fabric is easy to hook and easy to produce holes when grinding, which affects the quality of the product.

Therefore, the peach skin fabric should adopt a plain weave or a twill weave structure, and it is not suitable to use a satin weave and other tissues with a long floating length.

3.warp and weft density

The design of the warp and weft density of the peach skin fabric should be designed to make the density of the set of yarns that are napped and raised to be larger, so that not only the uniform thick fluff of the fabric surface but also the strength of the fabric can be improved.

4.sanding treatment

The sanding process in the dyeing and finishing process of peach skin fabric is the most important part of the production of peach skin fabric. The sanding is mainly caused by the high-speed running sanding roller in close contact with the fabric. The abrasive particles on the silicon carbide skin and the angle between the protruding edge and the diamond are pulled out and broken into single fibers, and then the fluff is ground and Covers the surface of the fabric to form a thick, fine and smooth suede.

Therefore, the choice of emery skin is crucial, and it is necessary to go through trial and error to make the best choice.