What kind of material is good for bedroom curtains


1. Cotton or linen fabric: comfortable to feel, strong […]

1. Cotton or linen fabric: comfortable to feel, strong in breathability and good in decorative effect, but the lack of easy to shrink can not be washed frequently, easy to wrinkle, easy to transmit light.
2. polyester fabric: when the price is relatively economical, the drape is good, not easy to shrink, but the permeability is relatively poor.
3. silk velvet fabric: the price is slightly more expensive, but the hand feels comfortable, good shade, with a good decorative effect.
4. cotton fabric: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, easy to dirty.

What should you pay attention to when choosing bedroom curtains?
1. First of all, we should choose according to the function of the room. For example, the master bedroom can choose beautiful atmosphere, the shading is better; the children's room should choose fabric comfort, the pattern can be cartoon, the color can be lively and so on. Secondly, for places with sufficient light, we can choose whether we need curtains with good shading according to our sleep needs.
2. If the light in the bedroom is too strong, or the noise is too large, we need to choose curtains with good shading and sound insulation. For example, thick velvet curtains are a good choice.
3. Secondly, we should match the color and overall style of the room wall, such as choosing similar colors or light colors.

How to match the bedroom curtain color
1. pure white curtains
If you like simplicity, then we can choose pure white curtains, which can be cleverly matched with various styles. It is also a versatile color, which looks more pure in visual sense and conforms to the clean and simple aesthetic of modern people. View! It also ensures that the room has plenty of light. The best length of the curtain can be a little longer, about two centimeters or three centimeters, and the height can be extended visually to make the light in the space brighter.
2. different styles of curtains
If your room is classical and the wooden furniture is the main one, then we should not choose the big red and green curtains, the simple and elegant curtain will be more suitable.