What is a thermal insulation fabric


Thermally warm fabric absorbs external heat such as vis […]

Thermally warm fabric absorbs external heat such as visible light and infrared rays and stores it as potential. Once the external temperature is lowered, the capsule begins to undergo phase change, gradually solidifies, releases potential, and improves the blood flow of the human epidermis to give a warm feeling.
What is thermal insulation fabric? Introduction of thermal insulation fabric

The role of thermal insulation fabric:

Thermally warm fabric can promote blood circulation and improve human immunity; it has good deodorizing effect, lasting freshness; safe to human body, no stimulation, and obvious health care function.

The use of thermal insulation fabric:

Thermal insulation fabric is especially suitable for underwear fabrics, shirt fabrics, bedding fabrics, casual series of apparel fabrics, various apparel fabrics, home textile fabrics, etc. The treated fabric can activate tissue cells; the thermal insulation fabric is divided into: polyester thermal insulation fabric and nylon thermal insulation fabric.

The principle of thermal insulation fabric:

The manufacture of cool sensation fiber is a pioneering technology in all advanced countries. When the skin is in contact with the thermal and warm fabric products, it seems to be in the forest, feeling cool and comfortable. The advancement of science and technology has greatly affected people's life and consumption patterns. The green consumption that pays attention to the concept of environmental protection while paying attention to the comfortable life is the inevitable result of human beings moving toward civilization and economic development, and turning the heat-dissipating fabric into energy-saving action. , is also a new choice for fashion. The sample to be tested is placed on a cold plate, and after cooling for 5 minutes, the sample cloth is placed on the styrene platform, and the hot plate with higher temperature is contacted, and the measured value is instantaneously Qmax value, and the higher the value is, the The faster the sample cloth dissipates. Studies have shown that athletes can feel the warmth of the fabric during exercise.

Thermally warm fabric with moisture wicking and UV resistance:

The principle of moisture wicking fabric: moisture wicking design silkworm 蛹 shaped section structure, the fiber gap is larger than the gap of the general circular section fiber. The fiber of the profiled section utilizes the capillary action of the natural environment to absorb and transport the sweat and moisture on the surface of the skin to the surface of the fabric and dissipate it, forming a function of “absorbing moisture and drying quickly”.