What fabric is best for curtain fabrics


Commonly used curtain fabrics are mainly polyester, cot […]

Commonly used curtain fabrics are mainly polyester, cotton, cashmere, silk and chenille. We must first know what characteristics these curtain fabrics have, and then choose according to the use of curtains and their own preferences, such as in the room. The curtains in the curtain play more role in shading and sound insulation, and the curtains in the hall need to be coordinated with the color of the furniture in order to reflect the beauty and generosity.
What fabric curtain fabric is best

Polyester curtains:
In fact, the most used curtains on the market are polyester fabrics. Polyester fabrics are much easier to handle than cotton fabrics, and the texture of today's polyester fabrics is very close to the texture of natural fibers, plus the price of polyester is higher than that of cotton. Madu is low, so there are more polyester curtains on the market. Although cotton or linen curtains are superior to polyester in terms of texture and appearance, they may shrink or wrinkle after washing. The cost of polyester fabrics may be better.

Cotton curtains:
Everyone knows that cotton and linen fabrics have soft and breathable functions, especially the hemp fabrics will give a simple feeling. The fabric is made of curtains in a similar style to nature, and it is convenient to clean the curtains. There are many styles of curtains to choose from, and cotton and linen fabrics are more suitable for natural leisure styles such as Nordic.

Silk fabric:
The curtains made of silk fabrics have good luster. The curtains are moisture-absorbing and breathable and have a silky feel. The decoration will have a sense of luxury in the living room. Therefore, whether it is Chinese or other styles, silk curtains are favored by many consumers. But silk fabrics are more susceptible to breakage than other fabrics.

Wool fabric:
The velvet curtain has a strong drape and is not easy to fade. The fabric is more suitable for making classical curtains.

Chenille fabric:
The chenille fabric is thicker, the suede is full and has excellent decoration. The chenille curtain gives a sense of calmness and is suitable for modern style.

Curtain cloth craft classification

Printed cloth: The printed cloth has a clear and colorful pattern. Generally, the pattern is printed on the paper and then combined with the cloth surface through a series of processes. It is a commonly used curtain fabric.

Dyed cloth: Dyed cloth is also a kind of curtain fabric, the cloth surface is simple and natural and the fabric color is single. Many bedroom curtains are made of dyed fabric.

Yarn-dyed jacquard fabric: The yarn-dyed jacquard fabric has a good three-dimensional effect, and the yarns are classified and dyed and combined to form a color pattern.

Embroidered fabric: Embroidered fabric is mainly divided into artificial embroidery and computer embroidery. The curtains of this kind of fabric are generous and easy to match with furniture. It is a kind of curtain fabric with higher grade.