What are the major varieties of polyester


The major varieties of polyester are short fibers, draw […]

The major varieties of polyester are short fibers, drawn yarns, textured yarns, decorative filaments, industrial filaments, and various differential fibers.

What are the varieties of polyester staple fiber?

1. According to physical properties: high strength and low elongation type, medium strength medium extension type, low strength medium extension type, high modulus type, high strength and high modulus type

2. According to post-processing requirements: cotton, wool, hemp, silk

3. Classification by use: for clothing, cotton, decorative, industrial use

4. According to function: cationic dyeable, moisture absorbing, flame retardant, colored, anti-pilling, antistatic

5. According to the fiber cross section: shaped wire, hollow wire.

Polyester modification

There are many types of polyester fiber fabrics. In addition to weaving pure polyester fabrics, there are many products blended or interwoven with various textile fibers to make up for the lack of pure polyester fabrics and to exert better performance. At present, polyester fabrics are developing in the direction of naturalization of synthetic fibers such as wool, imitation silk, imitation linen and buckskin.

Polyester Silk Fabric:Polyester fabric with silk appearance style made of round or special-shaped polyester filament or staple fiber yarn has the advantages of low price, anti-wrinkle and non-ironing, and is popular among consumers. Common varieties are: polyester silk, polyester silk, polyester silk satin, polyester georgette, polyester interwoven silk and so on. These varieties have the silky fabric's elegant drape, smooth, soft and pleasing to the eye. At the same time, they are also composed of polyester fabrics that are crisp, wear-resistant, easy to wash and non-iron. The fly in the ointment is that these fabrics have poor moisture permeability and are not very cool. In order to overcome this shortcoming, more new polyester fabrics have emerged, such as high moisture absorbing polyester fabrics.