What are the main focuses of fabric dyeing


Dyeing - The main points include the following: 1. Pick […]

Dyeing - The main points include the following:
1. Picking - Influent - Chemicals - Additives - Feeding - Adjusting the heating curve
2. Easily generated exceptions:
A. poor operation, if the dyeing is knotted, it is easy to produce serious color.
B. The temperature rises too fast, and the coloring is too fast in a short time; the holding time is not enough, and the leveling time is not enough.
C. High hardness due to the supply of water during a certain period of time.
D. improper pH adjustment, especially when using high-fastness dyes to make ultra-fine OP cloth is prone to color or chromatic aberration.
E. The compatibility of the color formula is not good. The dye has poor stability at high temperature and poor reproducibility, and is prone to color or chromatic aberration.
F. When dyeing the cylinder to change the hue, the dyeing cylinder is not cleaned, resulting in the staining of the cloth surface or the color of the block.
G. the nozzle size is not suitable, it is also easy to produce strip color flowers.
H. the cloth is oily, the oil is not clean, and it is easy to produce a color flower when it is not cleaned.
I. The amount of dyeing capacity is too large or the cloth is too long in the cylinder.
J. the dyeing cloth speed is too slow.
K. the effectiveness of the additives used for dyeing is unstable or the compatibility of dye factors with additives is poor.
L. slack and scouring efficiency is not good.