What are the characteristics of cotton fabrics


Cotton fabric is made of cotton, so the characteristics […]

Cotton fabric is made of cotton, so the characteristics of the fabric is determined by the characteristics of cotton fiber. First of all, cotton fabric has excellent moisture absorption and moisturizing properties. The overall moisture content of the fabric will be around 10%, which is also cotton. One of the reasons why the fabric is very comfortable to wear, of course, the cotton itself has soft and fluffy characteristics, which is another reason why the cotton fabric is very comfortable. Of course, the specific comfort of the fabric needs to be determined according to the content of the cotton.

Secondly, the cotton fabric is breathable and hygienic. We often see that some packages of infants and young children will use pure cotton, mainly using the hygiene of cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber and the fabric production and processing are physical processes. Can cause chemical reactions that cause harm to the baby. The excellent breathability of the cotton makes the fabric very cool in the summer, without the sultry feeling of polyester.

Then cotton has good warmth. Like some autumn and winter coats and sweaters, cotton is used. The fabric is not only comfortable and warm after being put on in winter, but cotton fabrics also have some shortcomings. For example, cotton fabric will shrink after washing. Phenomenon, but also the acid resistance of cotton is not good, it is recommended to clean immediately after sticking to acidic substances.

Finally, I would like to introduce the washing method of cotton fabric. Whether it is hand washing or machine washing, avoid using acidic washing liquid. This will destroy the fiber structure of cotton. In order to minimize the shrinkage of clothes, the soaking time of clothes in water should be shortened and washed. After finishing, it should be flattened and dried. It is best to let the clothes go to the outside to dry.