Types and advantages of composite silk fabric


CEY elastic composite fiber, using two different polyes […]

CEY elastic composite fiber, using two different polyesters, different elastic composite fibers made by composite technology, with unique dyeing and comfortable elasticity. The product has a dry hand, no spandex has excellent comfort and elasticity, excellent drape, excellent resilience, elegant and unique hand and luster.

SSY Elastic Fiber is a PTT/PET side-by-side composite fiber with excellent elastic elongation and elastic recovery. It is a new type of elastic fiber developed for the limitation of spandex in textile applications. The product has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, soft hand feeling, stain resistance, fluffiness, sunlight resistance, chlorine resistance, moisture absorption and quick drying. After being processed into a fabric, the fabric is smooth and smooth, anti-wrinkle and non-iron, dimensionally stable, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, moderately elastic, and comfortable to take. It is a new functional textile material. The advent of the product solved the weaknesses and shortcomings of the original spandex stretch fabric, such as post-treatment, fear of chlorine bleaching, poor stereotypes, unstable elasticity, poor care, easy foaming, excess elasticity, wearing boring and so on. At the same time, SSY can also be interwoven with other various fibers to obtain more styles of new fabrics to further improve the quality and performance of apparel fabrics.

This new type of elastic fiber can be used to process all kinds of textile fabrics. The technical performance of textile processing is excellent and easy. It is especially suitable for the production of woven and knitted fabrics, elastic fabrics, stretch shirts, suit trousers, stretch women's wear, and women's underwear. Summer T-shirts and women's fashions, etc. This product is mixed with cellulose fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, natural fibers, polyester, nylon, acrylic, synthetic fibers, viscose, tencel, modal, etc. in different proportions. From socks, sweaters, underwear to suits, from casual wear to fashion textile fabrics, they all have excellent functions and comfort. In particular, it has unparalleled advantages compared with the spandex-coated yarn, which can overcome the difficulty in the processing of spandex elastic fabric and the trouble of use, and has many advantages as described above.