The washed fabric can improve the wearing comfort


Sand washing uses some alkaline and oxidizing auxiliari […]

Sand washing uses some alkaline and oxidizing auxiliaries to make the clothes have a certain fading effect and old feeling after washing. If it is equipped with stone grinding, the surface of the cloth will have a soft frosty white fluff, and then add some softener. The washed fabric can be soft and soft, thereby improving the wearing comfort.
Sand washing agent
a) Expanding agent: According to the type of fiber, the structure and tightness of the fabric, the expansion agent and concentration, temperature, time and other expansion conditions are selected. When the cotton clothes are sanded, the alkaline bulking agent such as soda ash can be used for puffing. .
b) Sanding agent: After the clothes are puffed, the fibers are loose, and then the special sand washing is used to rub, so that the loose surface fibers produce full and soft hair. To make the suede full, it is necessary to use different shapes and different hardnesses. Sand powder, such as diamond sand (making loose fibers to produce fluff), polygonal sand (making velvet standing), round sand (to make fluffy full).
c) Softener: Softener for sand washing. It is required to achieve a soft and elastic property, so that the fabric can be weight-increased and the drape is obviously improved. Therefore, the softener has a long carbon chain and is cationic, and can be adsorbed on the fabric to achieve weight gain.
Sand washing equipment: At present, it is generally used in industrial water washing machine for puffing, sand washing and soft treatment, dewatering by centrifugal pump dehydrator, dry drying using a tumble dryer for drying goose in a knitting factory.
Sand washing process: cotton cloth clothing can determine the type, dosage, temperature and time of the bulking agent, the amount of sand washing powder, softener and processing temperature according to the structure of the structure, the density of warp and weft, the thickness of the yarn, and the strength of the twist. Time, in general, the choice of yarn fabric sand washing effect is better than the line fabric, the coarse yarn is better than the high yarn, the low twist is better than the high twist, and the floating point is better than the short floating point product.