Quality evaluation range of grey fabric


The production process of corduroy fabrics from raw mat […]

The production process of corduroy fabrics from raw materials to grey fabrics, grey cloth fabrics and white fabrics refers to a fabric, collectively referred to as grey fabric or white fabric, also often referred to as cloth. It is a fabric that has been woven by a circular machine and has no dyed fabric. It is also a semi-finished fabric.

White blank fabric production process

Task of each production process

1. Winding: 1 The original yarn conveyed by the spinning mill is made into a large-sized cheese yarn; 2 The yarn is checked; 3 the yarn defect is removed; 4 the yarn is wound into a uniform and solid package under a certain tension. In order to warp the warp tension is consistent.

2. Warping: According to the process design requirements, a certain number of warp yarns are wound in parallel and evenly on the warp beam according to the specified length.

3. Sizing: Improve the woven fabric of the warp yarn, improve the yarn strength and reduce breakage.

4. Wear the warp: According to the process design requirements, the warp yarn wound on the weaving shaft will be inserted into the eyelet and the steel twist to meet the needs of the weaving process.

5. weaving: opening, weft insertion, beating, winding and delivery.

Quality evaluation range of grey fabric

1. Cloth fabric organization: A fabric should first be evaluated to meet the design requirements. If it does not meet and the fabric is automatically degraded.

2. Fabric width: The deviation between the width of the superior fabric and the first-class fabric and the specified value shall not exceed +1.5% ~-1.0%. If it exceeds the above range, it can be rated as second-class product at +2.0% ~-1.5%. Cloth, otherwise rated as third-class fabric.

3. Denim fabric density: The density deviation of the superior and first-class fabrics shall not exceed -1.5%, and the weft density deviation shall not exceed -1.0%. (1) Breaking strength (2) Neps impurity defects (3) Cloth defects