PTFE fabrics are mostly laminated fabrics


The general characteristics of fabrics that can be seen […]

The general characteristics of fabrics that can be seen on the market today are waterproof and breathable. Regardless of the boring performance data, their performance is not very different in terms of use. In fact, the essence of the fabric is PTFE or PU, TPU, because the composition is different, the effect will be different.

PTFE fabrics are mostly laminated fabrics. A layer of waterproof and breathable membrane is attached to the underside of the outer fabric to achieve waterproof and breathable effect. This fabric has excellent stability and is not easily changed even at low temperatures, so it is often used in a variety of harsh environments. PU and TPU fabrics are mostly coated with a waterproof and breathable layer under the outer fabric. This fabric will have lower air permeability at low temperatures, but it is cheaper and more durable than PTFE. Therefore, we often see that some big brands will use GTX and other fabrics to make professional models, and use their own fabrics (in fact, buy PU, TPU fabrics) to do some cheap low-altitude sportswear.

The lining of the jacket is also made of breathable material mainly to enhance the sweating and warmth. The lightweight jacket is made of reticular fiber and does not stick. There is also no need for lining, that is, the so-called three-layer glue and two-layer half-pressure glue, the three-layer glue is directly pressed with a breathable material inside the waterproof gas permeable membrane to protect the gas permeable membrane from being worn.