Odell cotton fabric is an environmentally friendly fabric


Odell cotton fabric is an environmentally friendly fabr […]

Odell cotton fabric is an environmentally friendly fabric. Odell is a high-grade fabric made from recycled plants and white fibers, which is spun with cotton. The auxiliary materials and additives used by Aodeer are non-toxic and harmless. The production process is in full compliance with environmental protection requirements and is a model of eco-textile.

Odell fabric has a soft cotton feel and also acts as a slim body. The principle of its textiles still uses the popular mesh weaving, which makes it more malleable and resilient than ordinary blended fabrics.

Odell fabric combines the soft hand of cotton and the soft luster of silk. Odell has the moisture absorption and moisture permeability of cotton, and the softness, smoothness, breathability and drape of silk, which meets people's appearance. The pursuit of health care comfort and aesthetics. Odell's unique blended materials make the fabric light and smooth, and the traditional washing does not have to worry about the shrinkage of the fabric, and it is easy to wash and dry. It is in line with the convenience and convenience of modern people in the pursuit of ironing, washing and wearing.