Judgment standard of wedding fabric


Lace: Generally used as the edge decoration and embelli […]

Lace: Generally used as the edge decoration and embellishment pattern, it will also be used in the body and hem of the wedding dress. It is beautiful in design and unique in craftsmanship. After fine processing, the pattern has a slight embossing effect, and the touch is softer. expensive.

Spinning / rayon: The fabric is relatively sturdy, not easy to wrinkle, the price is moderate, popular, the disadvantage is a little restraint.

Chiffon: The fabric is light and elegant. It has the flexibility of silk and its thin and light characteristics. Soft to the touch, it looks fresh and cool, and is more suitable for summer wear.

Full silk: elegant and elegant silk fabric wedding dress, suitable for graceful palace-style wedding dress design, but the price is more expensive, and easy to wrinkle, need to be carefully managed.

Domestic satin: The fabric commonly used in Suzhou wedding dresses is relatively thin, light in weight and poor in drape.

Imported thick satin: the most common is Taiwan satin, incense and satin. The fabric is heavy, with a good drape and pure color.

Crystal yarn: hard texture, good transparency, light weight and thin.

Sacred: noble and generous, the fabric is shiny and bright, and it is feminine.

Wedding fabric judgment standard

For a wedding dress, a wedding dress is equal to the soul as important to people. It is the most critical factor in determining the quality of a wedding dress. Many times when you choose a wedding dress, you may find two wedding dresses with similar styles of work, but the price is quite different. This is the role of wedding fabrics. Wedding dresses are generally satin, gauze or lace fabric, good fabric appearance is bright and shiny, smooth and soft.

Good wedding fabrics should have a soft luster, a boney feel, a sufficient weight and a strong support. This way, whether as a lining or a face cloth, it can perfectly support the shape of the skirt. The weight of the weight does not make the overall wedding dress look ethereal, and at first glance it will reflect the feeling of luxury.