Introduction of new sportswear fabrics


Sports fabric - nano-lightweight transparent gauze fabr […]

Sports fabric - nano-lightweight transparent gauze fabric, which is very thin and light, but very wear-resistant and durable, and easy to carry and store, in addition, the fabric's breathability and wind resistance is also very good, although Light and thin is perfect.

Sports fabric - 3d spacer fabric, which uses 3d to create a texture effect on the pattern, while the surface still retains the visual sense of cotton. It is characterized by super light, breathable, more flexible, and the style looks more fashionable. More beautiful and more casual.

Sports fabrics - mechanical mesh fabrics that help our body recover faster after stress, its mesh structure gives people a stronger support in specific areas, reducing muscle fatigue and swelling sense.

Sports fabrics - sports seersucker This fabric is mainly used to make the outer layer of sportswear. Its surface makes the fabric more three-dimensional, it is lighter and softer, and it is more comfortable and comfortable to wear. Its unique airbag structure also has good warmth. performance.

In addition to the above several new fabrics, there are also new sportswear fabrics such as bobbin yarn, irregular plaid, and film mesh. Traditional sports fabrics are being gradually replaced