How to choose the fabric and stuffing of hotel bedding


Whether the choice of hotel linen fabrics is appropriat […]

Whether the choice of hotel linen fabrics is appropriate will also directly affect the hotel's efficiency and room occupancy rate. To use the most appropriate and reasonable price to buy the fabric that best meets the quality requirements of your hotel. Therefore, before choosing a fabric, be sure to understand the fabric first.

1.cotton is very soft

Pure cotton feels good, comfortable to use, easy to dye, rich in flower variety, soft and warm, strong hygroscopicity, washable, less static, is widely used in bedding; but easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, poor elasticity, It is resistant to acid and alkali, and should not be treated for a long time at temperatures above Celsius. Therefore, it is best to spray wet cotton products when ironing. If possible, the product will be ironed with a steam iron after each use. Generally, for fabrics with high quality requirements, the fabrics will be purchased.

2.the whole polyester is firm and the price is low

The polyester fabric is a scribing fabric with high strength and elastic recovery, and is durable, wrinkle-free and non-iron. However, the hygroscopicity is poor, it is easy to bring static electricity, contaminated dust, affecting the appearance and the comfort is poor, so the hotel will actively avoid such fabrics when choosing the fabric.
How to choose the fabric and stuffing of hotel bedding

3.polyester / cotton cost-effective

Polyester cotton is made of polyester and cotton for blending, splitting and twill. The plain polyester cotton fabric is thin, the strength and wear resistance are very good, the shrinkage rate is very small, the appearance of the product is not easy to sample, and the price is good, the durability is good, but the comfort fit is not as good as pure cotton. In addition, because polyester is not easy to dye, polyester/cotton fabrics are mostly light and light, which is more suitable for spring and summer. Twill polyester is usually denser than plain weave, so it appears dense and thick, with a glossy surface and a better feel than plain. The average hotel will choose this fabric, which is comfortable and cheap. cotton intertwined light and high-grade

Silk cotton interweaving is a fabric interwoven with silk and cotton yarn. Generally, silk is a kind of light and soft fabric with warp and high-country worsted cotton yarn as the weft thread. It has both the comfort of silk and the ability of cotton yarn to absorb sweat. It can not only reflect the hotel's relatively high-end comfort experience, but also bring customers visually simple and fashionable beauty.

There is also silk fabric, which is a luxury hotel that will be purchased for the suite. The silk looks gorgeous and rich, with natural soft light and glittering effect. It feels comfortable, high strength, elasticity and moisture absorption better than cotton, but it is easy to be dirty. The heat resistance to strong sunlight is worse than that of cotton. The cross section of the fiber is a unique triangle, and the reflection of light after partial moisture absorption changes, which is easy to form water stains and is difficult to eliminate, so the silk fabric should be white cloth when ironing.

Whether the choice of linen is appropriate will also directly affect the hotel's efficiency, room occupancy rate and income from the food and beverage department. If you spend a lot of money to buy back a batch of quality that is not satisfactory, not only will not be appreciated by the boss, it will increase the efficiency of the hotel, and it will also lose a lot of procurement costs. Therefore, when choosing linen, you should not blindly pursue cheap, and do not stubbornly choose high-end.

The choice of hotel linen is divided into three main categories: first, the choice of bedding; second, the choice of core; the last is the choice of towels. If you can distinguish these three categories, then when you choose the cloth, you will be more rational, and then identify one by one, and finally choose the products that are satisfactory.