Finishing process of Gray fabric


1. fabric open burning hair: cut velvet hair. 2. Bleach […]

1. fabric open burning hair: cut velvet hair.
2. Bleached fabric: Clean the grey fabric.
3. fabric dyeing: according to the different materials of the warp and weft and absorb the characteristics of different color fabrics and high temperature dyeing.
4. Fabric setting: The fabric will be more even and soft after this process is an indispensable link.
5. fabric finishing: there are many finishing processes, mainly to change the appearance and performance of the fabric and so on.

Woven fabric factory process

Warping: The one-step process of converting the original yarn (bobbin yarn) into a warp (Beam) through the yam, dividing the original yarn warping, the yarn yarn and the partial warping.
Sizing: After the pulp is finished, the Beam or the dyed Beam is hanged on the creel of the sizing machine, and the slurry in the slurry tank → the cylinder for drying → the creel is layered. → Integrate into a weaving Beam. The main function: the cilia of the original yarn is compressed by the slurry, so that the cilia can not be used to rub the cotton ball on the loom.
Wear the whole: The raw yarn passes through three kinds of accessory parts such as the dropper, heald and steel shovel for weaving.
Warp: One of the sensing devices that prevent the warp from breaking, and the induction can be completed with the warp beam.
Heald: One of the equipments for changing the weaving and weaving of the weaving, we can complete the texture change with the peach plate and the lifting machine of the loom.
Steel shovel: The operation of the woven fabric can be completed by matching the input of the weft yarn and the change of the weft.
On the machine: an action of carrying a well-worn gauze through the locomotive and hanging it on the loom.
Self-connecting: After the sizing, the Beam does not have to be completed directly by the knotting machine through the wearing of the heald, and the result is the same as that of the machine.
Weaving: The operation of the weaving is performed by the input of the weft yarn on the loom and the operation of the weaving machine.
Blank inspection: After the woven fabric is finished, the inspection personnel will complete the inspection operation by CNS inspection standard to understand the quality condition after the completion of the woven fabric, and the functional woven fabric for the dyeing of the woven fabric: two or more sets The mutually perpendicular yarns are woven into warp and weft at a 90 degree angle, the longitudinal yarn is called warp yarn, and the transverse yarn is called weft yarn.