Factors that affect the softness and smoothness of flannel fabrics


Nowadays, the quality of flannel fabrics on the market […]

Nowadays, the quality of flannel fabrics on the market of velvet fabrics is very different. When some garment workshops are using fabrics, most of them only pay attention to the price difference, and do not pay too much attention to the difference in fabric quality. The fine flannel fabric is thick, silky and solid, while the poor quality flannel fabric is much better in the department's features.

The second reason is at zero: one is the difference in raw materials, and the other is the difference in printing and dyeing textile technology. First, the raw material of the polyester flannel fabric is the flat low-elastic yarn of ultra-fine fiber. The normal specification is 75D/288F. However, because there are more raw chemical companies in the front, the production capacity is over-resourced, and the price of the enterprise goods is very strong. When some enterprises are using POY raw materials, they use raw materials with low price and low price. When the bombs are added, the process lines are reduced, and the raw materials for weaving flannel are inaccurate. Therefore, the quality of the raw fabrics is often very different.

What factors affect the soft and smooth flannel fabric?

Secondly, in the process of printing and dyeing textiles, in order to absorb more depositors, printing companies are also tweaking the price to reduce the profit of the process line. The lubrication and hardness of the flannel are closely related to the intimacy of the hot link. It is necessary to ensure that the two hot spots are always guaranteed, and the time is not short, the measurement is not low, and the fabric ability of such a craft is guaranteed. On the contrary, in order to increase profits, some enterprises only do the hot work, the work is prolonged, the measurement is increased, and the goods processed into the work are not guaranteed. Therefore, when the terminal processing enterprises are choosing fabrics, they can't always look at the price, and they don't care about the quality difference. Only the supplier offers a high price, and eventually they will get their depositors and goods.