Fabric washing is a special process in the garment process


The purpose of washing water: 1. The stability of the g […]

The purpose of washing water:

1. The stability of the garment is enhanced. By washing the water, it can be shrunk in advance to make the size stable.

2. The aesthetics of the clothing is enhanced, through different washing methods, can wash out the color and texture of various effects, and is deeply loved by people, so that the added value of clothing increases.

What is the difference between rinsing cloth and washing cloth?

Washing cloth is a cloth that must be subjected to a washing process before leaving the factory. The purpose is to shrink the cloth, or add some additives to make the fabric soft, soften the color, and so on. To some casual wear series, the fabrics used in the Niuzi series are all used for washing fabrics.

1. Washing refers to the washing of water and a mixture of chemicals (such as laundry) containing decontaminating ingredients, in order to remove stains on the clothes.

2. Rinsing is the process of washing clothes with water after washing, in order to thoroughly clean the clothes.

What is a wash fabric? Why wash clothes?

Washing cloth application range:

1. Jeans made of woven cotton denim or blended denim, denim jacket, this is the most common water wash garment we have in the wash plant.

2. Woven cotton cloth or blended cotton fabric made of casual trousers, casual tops, this is now more common in the wash water washing equipment, such as anti-wrinkle-free trousers, anti-wrinkle-free shirts.

3. Knitted clothing made of knitted cotton or blended cotton, this should be based on customer requirements to determine whether to wash the water.

4. In short, the washing clothes are generally pure natural fabrics and blended natural fabrics.