Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile market: T400-extinction broken card fabric sales are climbing


In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign merc […]

In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign merchants, fabric products continue to innovate with changes in seasons and fashion trends. Recently, the Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile market has launched a fascinating fashion fabric, “T400-extinction broken card” fabric, which has attracted the attention of many merchants, and its sales have been climbing.

It is understood that the fabric warp yarn is made of polyester matte DTY75D/72F yarn, and the weft yarn is made of 75D (T400 elastic composite fiber). It is made of twill weave and weaved on the water jet loom. It has been processed by pretreatment, dyeing and finishing. Made. The fabric has the following characteristics: (1), elastic, comfortable, long-lasting; (2) soft, crisp, drapable fabric; (3) flat surface, good wrinkle resistance; (4) moisture absorption and quick drying, feel Sleek (5), good dimensional stability, easy to handle. Its fabric width is 150cm, the weight is 140 (g/m2), and the wholesale price per meter is 10.80 yuan. Although the price of cloth is slightly higher, it can be adapted to the psychology of "seeking new and seeking beauty" by modern people. The fabric is suitable for fashion, sportswear, outdoor wear, casual wear, etc. The fabric is so smooth, mainly due to its fresh and refined appearance and elastic function, so people are happy to enjoy.