Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile market: double warp single weft polyester cotton fabric


A three-in-one casual fabric "Shuangjing Single Weft Po […]

A three-in-one casual fabric "Shuangjing Single Weft Polyester Cotton" recently attracted the interest of many merchants after its listing in the textile market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It has seized the market at a reasonable price and elegant quality, and has become quite popular. It has become a popular group in the casual fabric market. ".

The fabric is made of 168D+168D*21S/2 with a composition and content of 35% P12%N56%C and a size of 124×73. The fabric is woven with a twill weave on an air jet loom, using polyester/brocade composite silk and all. The interweaving of cotton yarn combines the advantages of the three, and combines the feel, strength, and organic integration with comfort. Through a few processes such as sanding and dyeing, the one that is finally displayed in the hands of consumers is durable and has a good feel. Fashionable casual fabrics, suitable for casual wear, windbreaker, trousers, cotton clothes, jackets, etc., after wearing the upper body, comfortable and stylish, attractive and attractive. The width of the product is 57/58 inches, the weight is 167g/m2, and the finished fabric price is about 13.00 yuan per meter. The color of the products is the most popular in brown, light blue and coffee. According to market operators, it is not only a rising star of air-jet fabrics, but also a fashionable and loved one. At present, the double-single-weed polyester-cotton fabrics are mainly based on futures trading, and the domestic demand and foreign trade sales are on the same momentum.