Classification of Viscose fiber functional fabric composite


Viscose fiber functional fabric compound, which is ofte […]

Viscose fiber functional fabric compound, which is often processed in some compound factories or silk factories. It includes the use of functional fibers, such as bamboo charcoal fiber, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fiber, composite fiber, such as a variety of functional fibers, which are functionally finished, such as soft, moisture absorbing, breathable, fluffy, flame retardant, three-proof, etc., or function. Sexual compounding.

Functional fabric classification:

1. Polyester fabric is nano-three anti-finishing and carbon-grinding. It has remarkable functions and feels smooth, suitable for professional wear and casual wear series. The polyester-dyed fabric is finished by coating, and has the function of imitation cotton, waterproof, moisture-proof, breathable and moisture-permeable.

2. PTT sports fabric, which has good hand, color fastness, elasticity and anti-staining properties. Good skin feel and excellent moisture wicking properties.

3. Knitted functional fabrics – including functional fabrics: such as bamboo charcoal fabrics (moisture wicking, adsorption odor), nano silver fabric (washable, lightfast, high temperature resistant), crepe fabric (heat storage).

4. Protective functional fabrics: such as moisture wicking fabrics, warm fabrics, radiation-proof fabrics, waterproof and breathable fabrics, etc.