Classification of flocked fabrics


What is flocking fabric? The classification of flocked […]

What is flocking fabric? The classification of flocked fabrics, flocked fabrics are made of various fabrics as the base fabric. Nylon fluff or viscose fluff is planted on the front side, and then processed by baking and washing. The suede is rich, the hand feels soft, the color is bright, and the style is unique, which wins the favor of consumers.

Classification of flocked fabrics:
First: flocking machine assembly line flocking. The flocking line can be fully automated from the sizing, flocking, drying and fluff removal of the items, such as: flocking cloth, PVC, plastic sheet, sponge, various crafts, storage boxes, cars Flocking printing of sealing strips, calendars, couplets, new year pictures, and packaging gift boxes.
Second: box flocking. According to the size and shape of the flocked product, the flocking box is placed, the fluff is placed in the box, the power is turned on, and the flocked product is sent into the box from one end of the flocking box. After three to five seconds, the flocking is completed. After removing from the other end of the box, drying or drying is the finished product.
Third: sprinkler flocking. Connected to the power supply, through the tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage static electricity generated by the flocking machine, output into the industrial nozzle, and then sprayed on the surface of the plant body, moving the nozzle close to the flocked object, vertically implanted in the adhesive-coated On the surface of the object.
The characteristics of flocking fabric: strong stereoscopic effect, bright color, soft hand feeling, luxurious and noble, gorgeous and warm, vivid image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat-insulating moisture-proof, non-defleasing, anti-friction, smooth and seamless.
Cleaning method for flocking fabric:
Pay special attention when cleaning flocked fabrics. Do not soak it in water for washing or brushing. Just use cotton gauze and rub it with alcohol or gasoline. However, if the flannel is too wet, do not twist it hard to avoid the neck hair from being removed, which will affect the appearance. The correct method of cleaning should be to use both hands to remove moisture or let it dry naturally so that the original appearance of flocking can be maintained. In particular, bedding must pay attention to the method of cleaning, so that it will be used for a longer time.