Classification of curtain fabrics and materials


The classification of curtain fabrics and materials, tr […]

The classification of curtain fabrics and materials, traditional curtains are usually composed of three layers of fabric, one layer is a decorative curtain, the middle layer is a blackout curtain, and the other layer is a curtain. There are many types of curtain fabrics and materials, and the general situation can be divided into the following categories:

1.flannel curtains
Environmentally friendly and healthy; novel and fashionable, easy to clean, chemical reaction between dye and fiber, deep penetration into the fiber, soft touch, good drape, dark color on the reverse side of the fabric, strong color fastness; better flannel curtain price At 40-100 yuan per square meter;

2.cotton linen curtains
The cotton curtain has good moisture permeability and soft handfeel. As a fabric of curtain fabric, it also has a certain effect of adsorbing dust in the air; the appearance is simple and natural, the gloss is soft, the dyeing performance is good; the alkali resistance and heat resistance are particularly good. The price is lower than that of flannel, generally 20-60 yuan per square meter; the disadvantage is lack of elasticity and not stiff, easy to wrinkle after washing; color fastness is not high, easy to fade; poor shape retention, easy to shrink and shape after washing (shrinkage The rate is usually around 4%~12%);

3.plastic aluminum hundred curtains
In the traditional concept, the louver is only suitable for the office, not suitable for furnishings in the home, and now many families have begun to have a soft spot for the blinds. The blinds have good shading effect and strong ventilation, but the effect of blocking mosquitoes and flies is not better than that of fabric curtains. Therefore, the blinds are more suitable to be installed in the kitchen of the home, and the oil can be washed away with water. In order to meet the needs of the home, the shutters on the market are currently more colored, and are no longer white.

4.wooden woven curtain
The wooden woven curtains are displayed in the home to show the style and taste. It is basically opaque but has good air permeability. It is suitable for the pure natural style of the home. The wood woven curtain is very particular about the wood. It is an imported pull. Made of Minmu, so the price is high, 200 yuan to 300 yuan per square meter.

5.bamboo curtains and curtains
It is very decorative, but it is less effective for curtains. They are more suitable for furnishings in quaint and culturally rich homes. They are hung on a wall with various pendants. It should be noted that the bamboo curtain is easy to grow mildew, and the curtain is easy to be wormed, so these two kinds of curtains are used outdoors for outdoor use. But they are very cheap, if you use the moldy insects after one year, you can replace them. The price of bamboo curtains and curtains is generally tens of dollars to buy a set of 6-10 square meters of curtains.