Australian cashmere is made of imported acrylic


The quality of the fine Australian velvet fabric is ind […]

The quality of the fine Australian velvet fabric is indeed very expensive. The main components of the Australian velvet are: imported acrylic, high proportion of human cotton viscose, and high proportion of spandex. It is estimated that the fabric cost can be estimated by the fact that the quality of the fabric is high. It is fine craftsmanship in detail.
Australian cashmere is made of imported acrylic, which has the property of keeping warm and warm. The proportion of spandex is higher than that of ordinary fabrics. It has high elasticity. It uses high-quality mixed viscose, contains high-quality cotton yarn, wear-resistant and pilling, high environmental protection dyeing, and high color fastness. It does not fade, and the rear finishing is characterized by short hair and strong hair absorption.
With natural skin-friendly, fiber beads smooth and delicate, Yuan Longbu industry uses high-end fiber, human cotton and other viscose mixed structure, more delicate and more lustrous than pure cotton fabric, although the cost of Australian cashmere rises very high, but after guaranteeing The ultra-fine velvet, soft touch and other characteristics of the weaving out of the most basic.
Heating and warmth, not relying on the temperature of the aggregate body, but the functional acrylic itself heat generation, excess heat is discharged by ventilation, heat circulation produces heat, ensuring that the Australian wool is soft and comfortable, releasing the just comfort.
It has the functions of moisture absorption, moisture absorption and moisture wicking. It is the basic function of the Australian velvet fabric. The fabric only pays attention to keep warm, no absorption and ventilation. This fabric is unhealthy fabric, just like plastic clothing, no difference, good breathability, and Australian velvet fabric. Soft and refreshing.
Can not afford the ball without static electricity, then fashion apparel, fabric quality is not good, are all good, so good fabrics are good clothing, the Australian cashmere basically can not afford the ball, the Australian cashmere fabric from the beginning of the choice of raw materials is the cost, choose high-end Mixed viscose, containing human cotton is resistant to wearing and not easy to pilling, with the subsequent gripping process completely avoids the disadvantage of pilling, and the high-end mixed viscose has a high proportion of human cotton, so that the fabric has the characteristics of no static.
The fine texture of the hair is fine, and the whole process of the Australian wool is followed by the whole process. The pursuit is fine texture, dense adsorption, clean and easy to care. After the Australian cashmere finishing dyeing activity dyeing, in line with environmental standards, high color fastness, not easy to fade, can have environmentally friendly and healthy skin-friendly skin, suitable for all ages.