Advantages and disadvantages of various curtains


There are many kinds of curtains in the market, such as […]

There are many kinds of curtains in the market, such as curtains, sand curtains, European-style lifting curtains, water curtains, bamboo curtains, roller blinds, blinds, etc., and the matching of curtains. Curtains made of electrostatic flocking fabrics (shading fabric) This kind of curtain is not too dirty and does not need to be cleaned frequently.

1.flannel curtains

Advantages: soft hand feeling, strong drape, chemical reaction between dye and fiber, strong color fastness.

Disadvantages: strong vacuuming, heavy and difficult to clean.

2.cotton linen curtains

Advantages: moisture absorption and breathability, soft gloss, simple and natural.

Disadvantages: lack of elasticity, easy to wrinkle after cleaning, easy to shrink, easy to fade.

3.plastic aluminum blinds

Advantages: good shading effect, easy to clean, suitable for installation in the kitchen.

Disadvantages: Can not block mosquitoes, although the color on the market is increasing, but the aesthetics are not as good as traditional fabric curtains.

4. wooden woven curtain

Wood woven curtains are divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, weaving, and rattan weaving.

Advantages: strong decorative, good breathability, can show style and taste, natural and simple.

Disadvantages: opaque, high price, bamboo curtains are prone to mildew, and curtains are prone to insects.

5.polyester curtains

Advantages: waterproof and oil proof, non-toxic, cool, light, acid and alkali resistant.

Disadvantages: hygroscopicity, gas permeability, poor dyeing performance.


Advantages: elegant and elegant, cool and beautiful, hygroscopic.

Disadvantages: no shading, shrinking water is easy to wrinkle, easy to fade.