A chemical reaction causes the fabric to fade


Snowflake wash the dried pumice with potassium permanga […]

Snowflake wash the dried pumice with potassium permanganate solution, and then directly grind the clothes in a special rotary cylinder, polish it on the clothes with pumice, so that potassium permanganate oxidizes the friction point, causing the cloth surface to be irregularly faded. , forming a white spot similar to snowflakes. The general process of snowflake washing is as follows: pumice soaking potassium permanganate - pumice and clothes dry grinding - snow effect on the board - taking out the clothes in the washing tank with water to wash off the stone dust on the clothes - oxalic acid neutralization -- Washing - on the softener.

The cat must be a kind of hand rub, it is just a shape of a whisker.

Sandblasting is also called sanding. It is made of special equipment (the image is an electric large toothbrush, just a roller type) polished on the fabric, usually with an inflatable model.

The difference between the nature of spurting and sandblasting is that the former is chemical and the latter is physical. The spray horse is sprayed on the garment according to the design requirements of the potassium permanganate solution, and a chemical reaction causes the fabric to fade. The degree of fading is controlled by the concentration of potassium permanganate and the amount of spray. From the effect point of view, the spray horse fading is even, the inner layer of the surface layer has faded, and can achieve a strong fading effect. Sandblasting only fades on the surface, and physical damage to the fibers can be seen.

Biwen wash, also known as "single-sided coating / paint dyeing", means that this washing method is specially designed for clothing dyed by the paint, which is to consolidate the original bright color and increase the softness of the hand. .